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Gabicce Mare is the most northern tourist city of the region marche, with a large presence of visitors in the summer. The town,has a beautiful beach spread out from the nearby town Cattolica and reaches the beautiful promontory of Gabicce Monte,part of a natural and protected area called " SAN BARTOLO PARK".
The environment that you will find is very attractive with original summer events. The landscape point of great importance is the road "La Panoramica": 20 km of roads into the heart of the natural and protected "SAN BARTOLO PARK". 

The territory of Gabicce Mare was inhabited already in the roman time even if there are some testimonies of a human presence some more ancient. On the promontory of Gabicce Monte in the years around the 1000 D.C. existed one community near the church of Saint Ermete that is still situated at the entrance of the inhabited area.
In the year 1686 the country counts 337 inhabitants in prevalence attested on the hill the change of the landscape begins only in the first decades of our century: in the underlying lowland there is the birth of some inhabited centers, whose development will change in middle century the physiognomy of the country, thanks also to the development of the fishing and subsequently to the explosion of the tourism that distinguishes since always this town.